Berdiri pada tahun 2011 dengan nama PT TRISTAR PRIMA TANGGUH, kami berkembang, dari sebuah impian, menjadi kenyataan. Dengan minat yang besar dari para pendiri perusahaan ini di bidang kimia, pelumas dan perawatan mesin.

  • Brugarolas Grease
  • BiOWiSH
  • Pulsarlube
  • OceanChem


Completely safe and non-GMO, BiOWiSH products offer sustainable solutions for meeting increased food demand and managing nitrogen pollution in water


Pulsarlube® provides the most innovative and reliable Automatic Single Point Lubricator on the market


Brugarolas, always at the forefront of research and development of new products.
Specialists in the manufacture of industrial lubricants.



we calculate the impact on the environment on the development of the products we will market.

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PT. Tristar Prima Tangguh

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